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Mar 22, 2013 7:00pm PDT
since the earnings report. we think the software portion of the technology cycle is sound. what is going on with oracle from a fundamental standpoint is fine as well. the issue exclusively was the fact that they missed on revenues. and the problem was that a lot of the sales that management expected to hit in the third quarter slipped into the fourth quarter. we think that they are going to get back on strength by the end of the fourth quarter. we are expecting a good quarter. as we look over the next year we think the stock is still going to trade into the upper 30s. we thought that was an atrackive entry spot. >> great information. any disclosures to make? >> we own all of the three stocks in our funds. >> phil orlando. >>> and still ahead the fallout from the government's budget cuts could be coming to an airport near you. first take a look at how the international markets closed out the day. >>> today is world water day but you wouldn't know that in many parts of the u.s. the drought in the nation's mid section is entering its third year and more hotter and drier weather is exp
Mar 21, 2013 6:30pm PDT
one-two punch of weak technology and drama over a bailout in cyprus. >> a growing health issue. cbs, the company, asking for more medical information from employees. how much should your employer really know about you? >> and a tough decision. the housing market seems to be on the mend. so it's time to ask the age-old question. should you rent or buy? all that and more coming up. good evening, everyone. well, tyler, a down day on wall street and it seems like investors are starting to pay attention to bad news. >> certainly this week, and certainly again today, after spending much of the day blissfully gliding over whatever troubling news there was. stocks today succumbed to a dose of reality. it came in two forms. earnings worries and cyprus, where a banking crisis shows few signs of abating and the country's credit rating was cut. the dow, though closing well off the lows of the session, nevertheless ended 90 points lower at 14421, the nasdaq down, and the s&p 100 falling from its record high off 14 points today. stocks got little help from more good news about housing. sales of e
Mar 20, 2013 1:00am PDT
. honeywell, travelers and united technology all gained at the open before drifting down and then closed fractionally higher just as did the dow today. deals drove some stocks today. amerisource signed a deal with wall green. shares up 3.5%. separately walgreens reported better than expected earnings. they will not renew its contract with the drug whole saler cardinal health and that sent that stock down more than 8%. >>> carnival cruise lines has canceled a dozen sailings, ten from texas to mexico, two in european waters, and that's to improve two ships' emergency power and safety systems. that's what the company said. the stock fell 2% to $33. year-to-date carnival is down more than 9%. >>> well a downward dog kind of day for lulu lemon. shared tumbled as it pulled a batch of yoga pants from store shelves because thaiths too sheer. the issue will have a significant impact the company said and reduce sales by about 3% in the current quarter. the stock was downgraded to neutral from a buy. lulu lemon shares closed at $54 a share down almost 3%. >>> solid earnings tonight from adob
Mar 26, 2013 4:30pm PDT
crossroads. we'll see what happens when technology kings get beaten at their own game. here's how international markets closed out the day. >>> apple shares in a serious swoon since september were off slightly today and this despite positive comments from an influential tech analyst and fund managers. the analyst gene munster reiterated his dollar 67 price target on the stock more than $300 above today's close. he said the next two quarters would come in below consensus estimates as iphone sales slow but then he thinknew product launches will power demand and the stock. fund manager channing smith of capital advisers growth basically makes the same argument. his forecast, $600 a share by new year's. >>> before shares of apple climb any higher the company has to battle concerns about declining sales of its signature products. iphones and ipads. at china's foxcon, a major supplier to apple and where many of those apple gadgets are made those fears may be real as workers describe a slowdown in production. eunice yu has more. >> what happens at fox con is a barometer for activity. we
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)